ZEV Pledge

January Great Story by Katherine Smet, 2017-18 Central Inland Climate Fellow

This month has been busy and filled with research on zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). The other fellow and I began a new project called the ZEV Pledge, which is a program to rally together CEOs from across the Capital Region to commit to adopting ZEVs into their business fleets and personal lives. While the program will encourage CEOs to pledge to adopting ZEVs and to streamline the purchasing process, it will also include a self-service website and virtual help desk to assist people who are interested in purchasing or currently owns a ZEV. I am excited to be a part of the program’s planning and implementation process. There are many local agencies and organizations dedicated to increasing the presence of ZEVs and infrastructure, and I am looking forward to seeing where we fit into the puzzle and finding avenues for everyone to work together on reducing carbon emissions in the region.