“We should have him/her over for dinner!”

Story by Elliot Goodrich, 2016-17 CivicSpark Alum, North Coast Region

“We should have him/her over for dinner!”

It’s a common exclamation in our household. Three of the four of us are former CivicSpark fellows, class of 2016-2017. As with many of our peers, the Bay Area’s burgeoning climate change / sustainability / planning scene has drawn the three of us, with varying degrees of purposefulness and intention, into the hustle and bustle of California’s second-largest metro area. Awash in this sea of young professionals, limitless arts and culture, and extracurriculars, it would not be difficult to get lost in the intricacies of our own busy lives and forget about our fellow fellows and alumni. However, you are all on our mind.

“I wonder what ‘so-and-so’ is doing these days”

“I don’t know! We should have them over for dinner!”

Because your lives are compelling. It brings me great joy to hear that a former fellow has landed their dream job, or even just an interim job that will lead you to your dream job. I relish hearing the experiences of this year’s crop of fellows. And I enjoy the company of many of you all because so many of you are kind, intriguing, and fun people.

CivicSpark endures for me through the lasting relationships that I have made and through the delicious food that those relationships unfailingly deliver to the table. To other alumni, I hope that your relationships have endured as well. To the current crop of fellows, know that yours may endure as well.