Water Corps Project Application

Application Process Overview

This application is for both the CivicSpark Climate Action Fellowship and/or the CivicSpark Water Action Fellowship. This application will help us to understand your project as well as to determine your eligibility for the program.

  1. Complete and submit the Application Form below.
  2. Once submitted, an LGC staff member will contact you to discuss your proposed project goals and next steps.
  3. Your agency/organization and LGC will confirm a mutual understanding of the project, and complete a ”Service Agreement” with LGC outlining mutual roles, responsibilities, and payment terms.
  4. Once the Service Agreement is signed by both parties key public agency staff involved in your project complete a “Pre-Service Capacity Assessment” survey (LGC staff will review this process with you during the check-in once we receive your application).
  5. Whomever will be directly supervising the fellow(s) attends the Pre-Service Project Partner Orientation webinar and prepares for fellow(s) arrival.

All fields marked with a red * are required.

I. Organizational Information

Contact 1

Contact 2

Contact 3

II. Project Description and Goals

Sector Focus and Desired Skills Dropdowns

For the next 4 questions, we ask you to pick from dropdown lists for your top two sector focus for the project, and your top 2 desired skills or abilities for fellows working on your project. Your selections on these items, help us to match more specifically with interests and skills provided by fellows on their applications.

CivicSpark Fellow Site Supervisor and Workspace Requirements

Inability to provide suitable and dedicated workspace for your Fellow(s) may affect the project viability.

CivicSpark Climate Fellows - Cost and timing

For additional details on costing and service information for each period refer to the "receive project support" page on our website.
Note availability of members for less than eleven month options is dependent on our ability to match with another project application in the same region who is also interested in a partial placement.
Note that total costs will be time period x number of members requested.

CivicSpark Water Fellows - Costs

III. Target Public Agencies for Fellow Services

This section asks for information about the target local public agencies for your project.

  • If your organization is a public agency that a fellow will be supporting, respond with information about your own agency.
  • If your organization is not a local public agency and/or the project is targeting a different public agency, provide information for that agency.
  • Note this information is required, and must be provided before the start of service.

CivicSpark Climate Eligibility and Exceptional Need Questions

Tracking mechanisms will vary from community to community, but should be established systems and processes that allow the local government to 1) monitor implementation progress on all measures in the Climate Action Plan or similarly formal climate action policy 2) document GHG reduction results from implementation of each measure, and 3) update the inventory and revise targets and measures as needed to adjust to changing conditions. Tracking activities should be completed at least on an annual basis, and should include council/board level as well as department level reporting that allows for discussion of outcomes and formal discussion of any needed changes.
This field only accepts numbers. You will provide the units in the question after the next one.
This field only accepts numbers. You will provide the units in the question after the next one.

CivicSpark Water Eligibility Questions

IV. Fiscal and Contractual Understanding

AmeriCorps programs are funded by both the Corporation for National and Community Service and through participating local governments. CivicSpark or Water Corps support requires a fiscal contribution. Either public agencies or third parties can be the source for the fiscal contribution. This rate is all-inclusive (e.g. covers workers compensation, liability insurance, workplace costs, member personnel benefits, job travel support); and is only based on project work.

To proceed with services, LGC will require completion of a signed service agreement and a down payment of 10% of total project cost before the start of services. The remaining cost will be paid monthly throughout the term of service.

Please separate each source with a comma.