Tinuviel Carlson

Tinúviel Carlson is a Project Coordinator with The Energy Coalition (TEC) located in their Oakland office. In her position, she is responsible for enhancing their sustainable curricula and fostering lasting relationships with partners, educators, and students to empower them to become change agents for a more sustainable future. 

Before joining TEC, Tinúviel served as a (2018-2019) CivicSpark Climate Fellow with the City of Antioch. During her service year, she worked with numerous public agencies to develop and expand climate programs across the Bay Area and increase the capacity of local governments. In addition, she was instrumental in the project management, development, and community engagement for a 2-year pilot project to engage community members in a countywide online sustainable action platform called The Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge. 

Tinúviel holds a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies with a concentration in Environment and Development, and a double minor in Latin American and Legal Studies from the University of San Francisco. 

In her free time, Tinúviel enjoys spending time outside camping, hiking, climbing, and exploring on her bike. She is also a proud mother to many fermented cultures and plants. 

Current Fellows should ask her about: community engagement and sustainable education, equity, climate policy, gamification, project management, event planning, networking and resumes, and working for a nonprofit v. public sector.