Application Process Overview

This form does not save, so we encourage you to prepare your answers offline in case there are any issues with the submission. You can download a word version here.

This application is for CivicSpark project partner proposals for the 2020-21 service year. Your application will help LGC staff understand your project, identify alignment of your project with our programmatic priorities, and ensure your project is eligible for CivicSpark support. Completion of the application form does not ensure you a placement, nor does it obligate you or your agency to participate in any way. This application form is merely the first step in the selection process. The entire process is outlined below.

  • You complete and submit the online application form.
  • LGC staff review your application form internally.
  • LGC staff contact you to discuss your proposed project, programmatic goals, and next steps to ensure a good fit with CivicSpark’s mission and structure.
  • If approved, the following four activities must be completed prior to your Fellow arriving on site in early September (by 8/21/2020). These activities can occur concurrently.
    • our agency/organization and LGC execute a ”Service Agreement” (contract). This Service Agreement outlines mutual roles, expectations, responsibilities, and terms of payment.
    • Key public agency staff involved in your project complete a “Pre-Service Capacity Assessment” survey (LGC staff will review this process with you when we discuss your application).
    • You (and your designated “Site Supervisor” if not you) review and interview pre-screened candidates and notify LGC of interest in candidate(s) (LGC makes the final placement offer, based on your selection). Your designated “Site Supervisor,” participates in a Pre-Service Project Partner Orientation webinar.
    • On-site staff make all necessary preparations for the Fellow(s) arrival, including work space, computer, etc. (LGC will provide you a checklist).

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