Program Resources

Local Government Partners

The Local Government Commission has developed resources to support your participation in CivicSpark. If you need help with completing grant applications that include CivicSpark as part of your overall proposal, or need more information about CivicSpark, please reach out to the LGC – we are happy to support partners whenever possible.

Program Resources

Current Program InformationA flyer of program details and costing information for offline reference

Why Choose CivicSparka cost comparison of local partner benefits

View Video of CivicSpark April 2nd Webinar

Download the Introduction to CivicSpark Slides

General Letter of Intent Template – This template can be used as a base for building CivicSpark into specific funding requests. This generic Letter of Intent is designed for you to adapt it into your project proposals.

Current Funding Opportunities

Recognizing that fiscal resources to participate in CivicSpark may present a challenge, we want to share funding opportunities that might be good resources for creating a program that includes CivicSpark. If you come across other relevant funding opportunities, please share them with us so we can add to the resource list.