November Running

November Great Story by Noe Martinez, Southern California Climate Fellow

My experience with the Cities has been nothing less than amazing.
I have to admit I am blessed to be investing time with such interesting people.
At first, I was definitely nervous and did not know what to expect.
I have transitioned to be more curious while talking to field experts.
Still trying to make sense of such an abbreviated dialect
But have become familiar with the impact my community exerts,
A fluctuating sound of City’s concerns resonate by my cubicle,
The problem solving it invokes makes this a musical
Filled with laughter, fast-phase conversations, and then silence
This is the usual, multiple voices with tones of responsibility and guidance.
It is a universe on its own which I am moving into calling home
During my service year, this is where I am working from.
The Public Services Department of the City of Norwalk
Where in the background I work for CivicSpark
Quietly typing away as the City staff goes through their day
From my cubicle I have the opportunity to contemplate
The gears turning behind the curtains
So far during my service I am learning
The progress carried out to maintain the city running.