March Great Story

March Great Story by Anna Fessler-Hoffman, 2018-19 Bay Area Climate Fellow

4 months. We only have 4 months of CivicSpark left! The past couple of months have definitely been a turning point for me, professionally. I am doing the CivicSpark service work that we agreed upon when I first started at the City, and doing loads of additional work to support the Environmental Services Division while my site supervisor is on maternity leave. While some might see this as an overload, I have taken this as an opportunity to grow. An opportunity to push myself outside of my comfort zone. An opportunity to learn new skills that will make me more marketable to future jobs. The month of March was when I finally started to hit my stride. Now, I am feeling more confident than ever. I went from feeling like the lowly office intern, to feeling like I am making a positive impact on the City, like I am one of the staff. And now I only have 4 months left?! Time FLIES when you’re having fun!