Kendyl Churchman

Staff Bio

Before her CivicSpark Fellowship, Kendyl completed a corporate leadership program and worked in Texas as a Labor and Operations Manager. During her AmeriCorps placement at the County of Santa Barbara, Kendyl collaborated across County departments and environmental organizations. Her projects involved California’s Green Business Program, utility bill centralization, and residential energy efficiency.

Kendyl is passionate about sustainability issues and works to create lasting, impactful change on the way businesses and communities interact with the environment. She is currently a Sustainability Consultant at the Green Restaurant Association in Boston, a nonprofit that helps restaurants minimize their environmental footprint and shapes the industry by informing consumer demand.

Kendyl has a B.A. in Sustainability Studies and a B.S. in Business Economics from the University of Florida. Her sustainability interests extend outside of work; she strives to live a reduced-waste lifestyle, attends seminars, and follows environmental advances in the public and private sectors.

Current fellows can ask her about: career transitions, moving long distances, remote job searching, informational interviewing, leveraging/getting the most out of their CivicSpark experience, sustainability in the nonprofit/business realm, and any other questions they may have.