Francisco Pares Olguin

Staff Bio

Francisco Parés Olguín is originally from San Diego, California but has lived across the border in Ensenada, Baja California most of his life. Although he has an academic background, holding a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California and a MSc in Renewable Energy from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, his passion for community development and sustainability led him to found and lead Cambio de Aires, a non-profit that seeks to promote a more sustainable and just economy in his hometown of Ensenada.

In 2018 he was brought on as a CivicSpark Fellow for both the County and City of San Luis Obispo where he had the honor of working on the agencies’ CAP initiatives, including research to develop some of the most progressive energy policy in the country. Currently, he is a CivicSpark Network Development Project Coordinator and the Regional Coordinator for the San Diego sub-region.

When he is not thinking about work, he is probably thinking about either the next cooking experiment he’d like to do, the next mountain he’s planning on climbing or figuring out where to go salsa dancing.

His short term goal is getting an Australian shepherd puppy and naming it Don Porfirio.