Finish Line

October Great Story by Victoria Hernandez, Bay Area Climate Fellow


Can I survive?

I’ve committed to an opportunity, both challenging and rewarding; time to thrive.

All uncertainty aside, this is part of being alive.

Feeling the rush of crazy schedules and idle moments as I work this 8 to 5.

Only you know why you are here and how to persevere.

Don’t ever forget that destiny whispers in your ear.

This is our time to shine.

Go deep inside to find the strength needed to climb these mountains high.

What a time this is, the upcoming election, climate change, water issues across the nation; we are all in this together.

We must remember the bigger picture and get inspired to shape this world into the change we wish to see.

Take the chains off the people and set all of us free.

Eden bound, while I walk with my head up and pride down; I will get to the finish line with the support from the Most High.

Pockets empty, but I got a soul full of passion.

I got all I need to rise up and make it through this 11 month session.