February Great Story

February Great Story by Andrew Hatt, 2018-19 Central Inland Climate Fellow

In the run up to Mid-Year Gathering, I was honestly conflicted about how to feel about the whole thing, and whether I even wanted to go or not. I had been looking forward to it all year, but then after seeing the schedule, I felt a bit disenchanted that my idea of a week away in the woods hanging out with fellow Fellows was going to be more like being back in college prereq classes. The days looked packed- would there be any time to really bond with other people, and meet those that I missed at Orientation? These were the questions that dogged me as I MYG got closer and closer.

In the end, my concerns proved to be unfounded. I had a great weekend pre-MYG, staying in the Bay Area with other Fellows, and hiking/exploring Marin County, San Francisco, and the world of Catan. The drive along the coast to the Redwood Glen was gorgeous, and we found time to stop at Half Moon Bay for lunch. MYG itself also proved to be a wonderful time. The seminars and activities were much more interesting than I had expected them to be, and there was more than ample opportunities to go on hikes and chat with everyone around the campfire every night. It was a great time, and will surely be one of my most cherished CivicSpark memories when it is all said and done. I felt rejuvenated afterwards, and ready to return to my project site and have a strong second half to my service year. 

Onward to graduation!