Ernie Ruvalcaba

Ernesto “Ernie” Ruvalcaba is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist for the City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering (BOE), Land Development & GIS Division (LGD). A GIS Specialist for LGD is responsible for reviewing, identifying, and implementing the construction of the City’s public infrastructure such as street, storm drain, and sewer facilities. LGD is also responsible for developing, maintaining, and updating key City maps.

As a 2018-19 CivicSpark Water Fellow with Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District (Lake County), Ernie spearheaded the District’s GIS database by utilizing ESRI’s ArcPro and ArcOnline to create and maintain their water and wastewater assets. Lastly, maps were continually being created to build capacity towards the District’s mapping infrastructure.

Ernie was born and raised in San Bernardino, 65 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, and is currently living in the San Fernando Valley. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Geography with a certificate in GIS from California State University of San Bernardino in 2016. Afterwards, he went to pursue a Masters of Science in Geographic Data Science from the University of Liverpool in 2017.

During his spare time after office hours, Ernie likes to go on walks/runs, hang out with friends at local breweries, or travel to new places.

Current Fellows can ask him about: local government, university abroad, LinkedIn, resume & cover letter tips, water, wastewater, and GIS.