End of Year Spoken Word

August Great Story by Noe Martinez Diaz, 2016-17 Southern California Climate Fellow

We applied our unique abilities

To help municipalities and agencies

Address climate change taking initiative

Each Fellow’s effort always remained inspiring

Even when we felt like the Greek King

Cursed to push the rock up a hill

We managed and mustered the will

To carry projects even when we lacked data access

Like sin and cosine moving along the same axis

We mastered the technique of bobbing for apples in the dark

And left our unique mark as AmeriCorps CivicSpark

A group with hearts as big as the challenges that we face

Who made the decision to tackle these issues with the ambition

Of people who want to see change

With passion in our veins and a good amount of brains

We committed to help communities by any means

I am honored to stand here representing the CivicSpark cohort of 2017.

Lastly, I want to say

View the future with optimism

Because through the journey, you have gained wisdom

You met people who share your passion

Even when the road might seem daunting at first

In your future endeavors know your worth

And don’t settle for anything less

Your actions have left a lot impressed

Know this world is blessed

To have people like you. Thank you.