Danielle V. Dolan

Danielle V. Dolan has been working in environmental education, engagement, and advocacy for the last 14 years, with the latter half in California water issues. Ms. Dolan was hired by the Local Government Commission in 2014 to lead LGC’s water programs — engaging on statewide policy initiatives and implementing projects at the local level. LGC’s water work emphasizes the connection between land use planning and sustainable water management, and includes cross-jurisdictional efforts to addressing watershed health and water security across the state.

Ms. Dolan’s current projects include:leading a Water Strong Communities job-training program, assisting with code update assistance on both stormwater and water/energy efficiency; facilitating community engagement associated with legacy mining contamination in waterways; a $2.5 million water-efficient landscaping program providing turf replacement incentives, landscaper job training, and community outreach in the San Joaquin Valley; and LGC’s new Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps program, WaterCorps, to build local capacity for meeting critical water needs while also addressing statewide priorities.

Ms. Dolan is a 2015 Water Leader, a member of the California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply, and serves on the California Water Policy Conference Planning Committee. Prior to joining the LGC team, Ms. Dolan served as a workshop coordinator for the Sacramento River Watershed Program, and a project coordinator for the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences. In her early career, Ms. Dolan was a certified schoolteacher, environmental education expert, and water conservation advocate in Florida. She holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Hawai’i Pacific University and a M.S. in Community Development from UC Davis.