Clarke Stevenson

Staff Bio

Clarke works under consulting Air District Attorney, Christiana Darlington, at California Law Empowering Renewable Energy (CLERE Inc). Chrisitana is General Counsel for three air districts (Placer, Mendocino and Northern Sonoma) and represents a variety of clients in forest management and advanced energy technology. Clarke actively participates on the Forest Management Task Force where CLERE Inc is a lead on the Removing Barriers subcommittee on forest policy, federal contracting and business development in the Sierra Nevada. Additionally, Clarke subcontracts for Momentum, a grant management and business strategy group to leverage state funding that demonstrates and deploys advanced technology in the waste and transportation sectors of California. Before working at CLERE, he worked as a forestry technician in Mendocino, Tahoe and Nevada County. He worked for Sierra Business Council as a Climate Fellow in 2017-18.


He plans to attend grad school in 2021 with Cal’s Energy and Resources program being his top choice. His main interests are in natural and working land financing/economics, forest governance and accelerating carbon capture technology to reach California’s carbon neutrality goals. 


Current Fellows can ask him about: consulting, resume/cover letter writing, informational interviews, swimming holes, careers in the woods, career exploration