CivicSpark – Interview Process Updates

Hello all!

At this time, we wanted to inform you that you will be moving on in the process and will be routed to project partners in the coming week or so. Depending on their availability and how quickly they review applications, partners will reach out directly to you if they decide they would like to conduct an interview with you; some of you may have already been reached out to by partners. This is the first phase of the routing process, so you may be routed to some partners but not all.

Depending on your experience, skills, and general interest, you may be routed to partners outside of those you selected, as they are ones we believe you may be a good fit for. If you are asked to interview with those partners, we encourage you to consider the projects if they are within regions you’re interested in; if you are not interested in pursuing an interview with them, you are free to decline.

We’ve continued to add projects onto our website as they are approved, and encourage you to review all of the projects in the regions you’re interested in. If you would like to make updates to your projects of interest, please complete this survey with any updates to your preferences.

Let us know if you have any questions!