2020-21 Returning Fellow Application

Thank you for your interest in serving a second year with CivicSpark for the 2020-21 Service Year! Please complete this application if you are interested in returning to your current placement site or serving a different placement.

SAME SITE: Serving for a second year at the same site is contingent on the project partner’s interest and ability to provide the additional $5,000 stipend amount for a Fellow serving for a second year at their site. Partners provide this additional $5,000 for the Fellows stipend as these Fellows substantially understand their agency and project and are able to take on greater responsibility. If interested, Fellows should talk to their RC prior to submitting an application. The RC will discuss the possibility with the project partner and follow up with the Fellow.

DIFFERENT SITE: Fellows interested in serving at a different site will need to let their RC know, and submit their application. Upon submission, the application will be added to the pool of candidates, and shared as appropriate with partners for consideration along with other candidates. While we assume returning Fellows will be highly desirable candidates, and we will prioritize returning Fellows for partner consideration given your experience, it is ultimately up to the partners who they interview. If selected, Fellows in this position would receive the same stipend amount as the incoming cohort ($20,000), as they are part of the general pool of candidates (from a partner perspective).

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Please confirm your understanding of key program aspects and requirements.


Please upload a PDF of your one-page resume focusing on relevant experience (Note: please save your resume using your first initial and last name. For example, ‘ASmith_Resume’).

Maximum upload size: 67.11MB
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Please list two academic and/or professional references who can speak to your experience with community resilience issues, your work ethic, and/or your experience with community service. Friends and family members CANNOT serve as references.

References will be contacted immediately upon submission of your application. They will be asked to complete a reference form within 2 weeks of your date of application submission. Please inform them to look for an email from the CivicSpark program, and be sure to follow-up with them to ensure it is completed on time. If they will be on vacation or on sabbatical, provide the email address to best reach them.

Reference 1
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This section provides a chance to highlight specific skills and interests relevant to CivicSpark roles. The first part provides a place to list general, technical, and soft skills; the second part provides a space to list experience with and interest in specific "sectors" or issues that CivicSpark projects generally focus on.

For each skill category, please rank up to 3 responses in order (i.e. response 1 is the one you have the most experience with or understanding of, response 2 is next, etc.). In the comment box following each section, provide additional information (500 characters max) about your level of experience so that we can better understand your background and abilities.

GENERAL SKILLS: nontechnical skills relevant to many projects and roles.

TECHNICAL SKILLS: particular skills or knowledge relevant to specific projects or tasks. If you select "other", be sure to describe what other in the small box that appears below the label.

SOFT SKILLS: personality traits or habits that are often valuable assets in a professional role.

SECTOR EXPERIENCE: Please rank the top 3 areas/sectors you have the most knowledge of or experience in. If you select "other", be sure to describe what other in the small box that appears below the label.

SECTOR INTEREST: Please select the areas/sectors that you're interested in working within, given the kinds of projects you're interested in. Select only the sectors that you would be interested in working within (you may select as many as you'd like to be considered for).

Regional Preference

Please rank the following regions depending on your preferences. We will route you to partners depending on your interests. We encourage you to be critical about the regions you choose and select only regions you'd be absolutely willing to move to/serve in. If you are flexible on location, you may denote a preference for all regions. As a note, urban regions, such as the LA Area and SF Bay Area, tend to be more competitive due to the number of applicants interested in those regions.

The map on the right gives a general idea of the regions within California. At this time, we will likely NOT have any projects in the North Coast/upper Northern California areas.


This section asks for short essay responses on key topics about your interest and experience relative to the CivicSpark program. Please answer the following four questions in 250-500 words per question. We encourage you to type out the essays in a separate document and then copy and paste into the application to avoid any potential loss of information should the application not properly save.


Please provide some information about your background. This information is for data tracking purposes only - it will NOT be used in considering applicants for the program.