2018-19 Fellows


Region: Central Coast

Project(s): Improving Broadband Infrastructure Deployment, Adoption, and Access in the Tri-County Area

Email: aburrows@civicspark.lgc.org

Fellow Bio:

My name is Alexander Burrows, aka Sasha, and I am from Santa Barbara, California. I graduated in June 2018 from the University of Oregon with a BS degree in Environmental Studies and recently completed a summer internship with Rideau winery in Solvang, giving me a greater understanding of the importance of sustainable practices in all areas of viticulture, packaging, shipping, and more. I have worked with the University of Oregon and the City of McMinnville, OR, to develop more effective community engagement and sustainable planning strategies and have volunteered and worked for the Los Padres National Forest. I am joining the CivicSpark team because I believe it is a great opportunity to do public service and to do something meaningful that benefits others. I wish to gain practical experience and be in a strong position when seeking employment after the fellowship and I am hoping that the fellowship will provide opportunities and challenges, be fun and satisfying, and help me to develop longterm friendships and connections. In my free time I enjoy weight lifting, skateboarding, and creating digital graphic designs and characters.