2018-19 Fellows

Marjan Kris

Project(s): Water and Gas Efficiency DAC Direct Installation Program

Email: mabubo@civicspark.lgc.org

Fellow Bio:

Marjan Kris (he/him/his) is a UCLA graduate originally from Quezon City, Philippines but lives in the Los Angeles area (on occupied Tongva land). From his experiences with community organizing, he hopes to bridge social and environmental justice through the lens of energy policy and management. Committed to the ideology of “serving the people”, Marjan Kris is excited to be a CivicSpark fellow because of the incredible opportunity to work on projects that will have tangible benefits for the predominantly immigrant, working-class neighborhood(s) that has shaped his worldview. He hopes to leverage his placement working with the Long Beach Water Department to establish an equitable pipeline for underrepresented neighborhoods and translate the skills he has gained in a future career in law and policy.