2016-17 Fellows


Project(s): Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board – Drinking Water Protection and Sustainable Groundwater Management

Email: jtkac@civicspark.lgc.org

Fellow Bio:

Jacqueline Tkac graduated from Virginia Tech in 2016, with a B.S. in Environmental Policy and Planning. She worked as a CivicSpark Water Fellow from 2016-2017 at the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board in coordination with Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. Jacqueline’s CivicSpark work focused on the identification of communities relying on domestic wells or small water systems with potentially unsafe drinking water conditions, and the development and implementation of a Domestic Well Outreach and Sampling Project in San Luis Obispo County. The primary accomplishments of her work were improved county level drinking program understanding of rural drinking water issues, the provision of free drinking water sampling to over 200 residents, and outreach to at-risk residents about the safety of their drinking water, treatment alternatives, replacement water programs, and how to protect their well.