2016-17 Fellows


Project(s): City of Salinas – One Water Salinas

Email: hrutten@civicspark.lgc.org

Fellow Bio:

Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Helek graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Economics. While attending university, Helek worked for the campus transportation department as a spatial data manager for campus maps. Helek also worked for an agricultural laboratory which studied organic alternatives to fumigants. Helek is passionate about sustainable agriculture and addressing CaliforniaÍs water issues with local responses to help preserve and perpetuate a healthy and happy California. Helek would like to continue studying policies that encourage sustainable economic growth. During his free time, you can expect to see Helek in the ocean, on any mountaintop (snow is preferred), or traveling around the world with a large backpack.