2016-17 Fellows


Project(s): City of Salinas – One Water Salinas

Email: afontanilla@civicspark.lgc.org

Fellow Bio:

Austin Fontanilla, a fellow hailing from the hot urban landscapes of Southern California, finds himself working in stormwater quality and quantity management in the Salinas Valley. He attained a Bachelor’s of Arts in Environmental Studies from Cal State University, Monterey Bay with a concentration in Science for Sustainable Communities. He has done some travelling in the U.S. as well as jumped beyond the bubble of first-world living. He now lives a primarily English life with random Spanish conversations sprinkled throughout the days that he learned while exploring Chile. His interest in environmental work and education comes from meeting people of foreign places and seeing the vast environment that humans inhabit. He enjoy cooking, cleaning, urban/mountain biking, making electronic music, and taking care of the garden, among other things. “It’s all an experiment.”