17-18 Climate Pre-service

You have been asked to complete this survey because you have been listed as one of the local beneficiaries for a 2017-18 CivicSpark Climate Project.

As a Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps program, CivicSpark has clear performance measures and goals. To better understand the goals of your community and agency and how they align with CivicSpark, we require each agency we support to complete the following capacity assessment survey.

We will require a similar survey at the completion of the CivicSpark project to assess impacts and our ability to achieve your goals.

Some questions are subjective and/or may reflect your opinions. We ask that you answer each question genuinely and to the best of your ability.

Individual responses will not be shared outside of the Local Government Commission. In aggregate, responses are used to determine overall impacts of the program and will be shared as appropriate for program reporting and outcome dissemination.

1. Respondent Information

2. Local Government Information

In order to confirm eligibility and determine a level of need, all local governments working with a CivicSpark Fellow need to provide the following information. If you (or the person who shared this survey with you) have already provided this information to us, you can skip those questions here. If you are not able to provide all information to us at this time, simply indicate in the question below how you plan on providing this information to us.
This name may be the dept or project name given to you for this survey.
May have been given to you with survey instructions.
Tracking mechanisms will vary from community to community, but should be established systems and processes that allow the local government to 1) monitor implementation progress on all measures in the Climate Action Plan or similarly formal climate action policy 2) document GHG reduction results from implementation of each measure, and 3) update the inventory and revise targets and measures as needed to adjust to changing conditions. Tracking activities should be completed at least on an annual basis, and should include council/board level as well as department level reporting that allows for discussion of outcomes and formal discussion of any needed changes.

3. Capacity Building Project, Goals, Capacities

This section of the capacity survey asks for: information about the project; your specific goals for the project; your perspective on agency capacity; and support for action related to this project area. We use this information to match your response to a specific project in our system and to track specific outcomes from the support provided during the service year.

Project Title and Goals

For each of the categories below, please list 1 capacity building goal you would like to see accomplished by the end of the CivicSpark project. Be as specific as possible. When defining these goals, please identify achieveable goals you hope CivicSpark Fellows can accomplish as opposed to larger goals you might have for this initiative.

Name or description of the CivicSpark project you are involved in and responding to in this survey

Climate Program and Service Delivery Capacity

For each of the following questions, please respond with respect to the climate issue area this planned project is targeting or addressing. Please rank from 1 to 5, with 1 being “totally disagree” and 5 “totally agree”.

Climate Action Effectiveness

This section of the capacity survey examines climate action effectiveness with respect to your; knowledge of climate impacts in your community; awareness of specific climate related policies; knowledge of state climate resources; and broad community support for climate action. We use the information in this section to assess overall local government climate action effectiveness, and to track more general outcomes from the support provided during the service year. Please answer each question genuinely. This information will NOT be shared outside of the CivicSpark team; it will only be used for pre- and post- assessment comparisons to determine impacts of the CivicSpark program.

Climate Impacts Understanding

To better gauge understanding of climate impacts among local government staff, please tell us how much understanding of the following topics you have. Please rank from 1 to 5 with 1 being “little understanding” and 5 being “deep understanding”.

Policy Awareness

How familiar are you with the following state policies? Please rank from 1 to 5, with 1 being “not familiar” and 5 being “very familiar”, and N/A being “not applicable”.

Resource Awareness

How familiar are you with the following state guidance resources and general climate response strategies? Please rank from 1 to 5, with 1 being “not familiar,” 5 being “very familiar,” and N/A being “not applicable.”

Support for Action

How much support for moving forward with climate actions do you perceive you have within your agency and the community or communities you serve ? ”lease rank from, 1 to 5, with 1 being “not at all supported,” 5 being “very well supported,” and N/A being “not applicable.”