Project Application

Application Process Overview

This form does not save, so we encourage you to prepare your answers offline in case there are any issues with the submission. You can download a word version here.

This application is for CivicSpark project partner proposals for the 2019-20 service year. Your application will help LGC Staff understand your project, identify alignment of your project with our programmatic priorities, and ensure your project is eligible for CivicSpark support. Completion of the application form does not ensure you a placement nor does it obligate you to participate. This is merely the first step in the application and commitment process.

  1. Complete and submit the Application Form below.
  2. LGC staff will contact you to discuss your proposed project goals and next steps once your application is received.
  3. Your agency/organization and LGC will confirm a mutual understanding of the project and complete a ”Service Agreement” (contract) with LGC; this Service Agreement will outline mutual roles, expectations, responsibilities, and terms of payment.
  4. Once the Service Agreement is signed by both parties, key public agency staff involved in your project will complete a “Pre-Service Capacity Assessment” survey (LGC staff will review this process with you when we discuss your application with you.
  5. Your agency/organization identifies a “Site Supervisor,” whom will directly supervise Fellow(s); Site Supervisors will participate in a Pre-Service Project Partner Orientation webinar, and makes all necessary preparations for Fellow(s) arrival.

All fields marked with a red *are required.

I. Organizational Information

Contact 1

You must have someone noted for each role, and one person can be noted for multiple roles. However, the first person, and only one person should be listed as the “project contact.” Add additional contacts after as needed.

  • Project contact = who submitted this application, and who we work with to get the project setup.
  • Fellow Supervisor = who will directly supervise the Fellow(s).
  • Billing contact = who will process payments.
(Check all that apply)

Contact 2

(Check all that apply, you must have someone noted for each role, but one person can be noted for multiple roles)

Contact 3

(Check all that apply, you must have someone noted for each role, but one person can be noted for multiple roles)

CivicSpark sends out a monthly newsletter with stories about Fellows' work, our partners, our Alumni, and often includes links to other statewide events and resources. We won't add someone without permission.

II. Project Description and Goals

III. Project Categorizations

The following section includes a series of dropdown options for you to categorize your project and establish a project profile. Categories include target regions, activities, topics, and outputs.

We will use this project categorization to a) match projects more closely with Fellow applicant interests, and b) rank project applications in accordance with our programmatic priorities.

Note: for some of the sections you will estimate the percentage of the project that fits that criteria. Each category should total 100%. For example; General Activity Types: 50% research, 0% Planning, 50% implementation.

General Activity Areas
What kinds of activities will the Fellows focus on? Can be a mix of some or all types below. Enter zero if none in a given section. Total should equal 100.


Too Much

Too Low

Geographic Focus
Where will the project be focused? Can be a mix of geographies. Enter zero if none in a given section. Total should equal 100.


Too Much

Too Low

IV. Desired Fellow Skills and Support For Fellow

Inability to provide suitable and dedicated workspace for your Fellow(s) may affect the project viability.

V. Target Local Public Agencies

This section asks for information about the project beneficiaries (target local public agencies, departments or programs within a single agency) that will receive support through your project. This information is required, and must be provided before the start of service (8/25/19).

  • You must identify at least 1 beneficiary per Fellow hosted.
  • If your organization is not a local public agency and/or the project is benefiting a different public agency, provide information about that agency. NGOs or State Agencies CAN NOT be beneficiaries.
  • If your organization is a public agency that a Fellow will be supporting, respond with information about your own agency.
  • If multiple departments or programs within a single agency are being served, you only need to answer the three questions below once as the answers apply to the whole agency and you can use the questions below to answer now.
  • If you complete the spreadsheet you can skip the three questions below.

Click here to download Excel spreadsheet to complete this section for multiple local governments

Send the completed excel sheet to


Please respond to the question below with respect to the community the agency named above serves and/or for the agency itself. Answering “yes”below indicates that you meet the eligibility criteria, (ie. have a need for capacity), and are therefore eligible to receive CivicSpark support.

These conditions are tiered; that is, if you meet any of the conditions on the first question, you do not need to answer the second or third question. If you DO NOT meet any of the first question conditions but do meet the second condition, you do not need to meet the third. If you don't meet either the first or second conditions, you must meet the third condition to be eligible.

VI. Fiscal Contribution

AmeriCorps programs are funded in part by the Corporation for National and Community Service, and in part by participating local governments. Receiving CivicSpark support requires a fiscal contribution; public agencies or third parties can provide that fiscal contribution. Rates for CivicSpark support are all-inclusive (e.g., covers workers compensation, liability insurance, workplace costs, member personnel benefits, job travel support, etc.); and is based solely on project work.

To proceed with CivicSpark services, LGC requires completion of a signed Service Agreement (contract) and a 10% down payment of total service cost. Service Agreement and down payment must be received prior to the start of CivicSpark Fellow service. The remaining cost of service will be paid monthly throughout the term of service.

For additional details on costing and service information for each period refer to the "Fiscal Contribution" section of our website.

This represents the general pricing structure and the floor for pricing, but some variations may exist depending on terms and conditions of specific placements.

If you are interested in a "half-time Fellow" (650 hrs), please get in touch. While we have supported half-time Fellow placements, they have to be matched locally with another partner also requesting a half-time Fellow. This option can be hard to realize. If possible consider requesting a full Fellow or identifying a matching partner prior to applying, as CivicSpark may not be able to find a match in all circumstances.
Please separate each source with a comma.

VII. Contractual Understanding

For this final section, we want to be sure you understand certain conditions and priorities we have for the program. Please review and when ready agree to the following questions and linked requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: We encourage you to save a copy of your answers before submitting in case there are any issues as this form does not save your work.

After you submit you should receive an email confirmation. Please check (and check your spam filter) to be sure you receive this confirmation. If you don't your application may not have been submitted. If you do not receive a confirmation please get in touch right away.