Our Impact

CivicSpark’s Impact

224 Fellows

4 years

170 beneficiaries

340 projects

CivicSpark Fellows assist in building local government capacity to respond to community resilience needs such as climate change, water management, affordable housing, and mobility by completing projects on topics including sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, sea level rise, affordable housing, implementation of climate action plans, water efficiency, and GHG inventory and benchmarks. CivicSpark Fellows have provided over 360,000 hours of service to California’s communities and succeeded in a wide range local sustainability and resilience actions including:

community members engaged, including residents and business owners
water monitoring surveys and reports
community events held
implementation workshops hosted
Energy Assessment reports completed
GHG inventories completed
Climate or Energy Action Plans completed
Vulnerability Assessments completed

Program Evaluation Report

In August 2016, LGC contracted with LPC Consulting Associates, Inc. (LPC) to conduct an evaluation study of the CivicSpark program to help measure outcomes and collect information to inform program implementation. The evaluation report includes an overview of the evaluation approach; a brief description of program components and implementation; and evaluation findings related to capacity building, member growth, and program feedback. The primary purpose of the evaluation is to determine the impact that CivicSpark has on the government agencies that participate and on the Fellows who work to build the capacity of these partner agencies. Check out our detailed evaluation report below!

Fellow Capstone Posters