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Equitable Integration of Water and Land Use

Fellow conducts a “situation analysis” of the current status of water and land use integration across the state to identify opportunities to better integrate water management and land use planning at the local, regional, and statewide scales.

This may include:

  • A comprehensive literature review
  • Desktop analysis of relevant planning documents
  • Interviews with experts from the water and land-use sectors
  • Development of a set of recommendations for policies and projects to improve water and land use integration, supported by local and regional case studies

Topics: Community Development / Land Use, Equity, One Water / Integrated Water Management,
Subtopics: Affordable Housing, Environmental Justice, Green Building, Human Right to Water / Water & Equity, Integrated Regional Water Management, Low Impact Development / Green Infrastructure, Water / Land Use Integration,

Food Waste Reduction Education and Implementation

Fellow educates businesses and schools on food waste reduction program.

This may include:

  • Piloting new waste reduction programs
  • Creating a waste management toolkit or online guide for business and events to help comply with regulations
  • Developing a curriculum for educating youth on food waste
  • Creating a list of recommended zero waste actions for implementation

Example: Food Waste Recycling in Natomas Unified School DistrictSMAQMD Commercial Food Waste Outreach

Topics: Climate Mitigation, Community Engagement, Waste,
Subtopics: Climate Action Plan Implementation, Community Outreach / Education,

GHG Inventorying

Fellow develops municipal and community-wide greenhouse gas emissions inventories.

This may include:

  • Collecting data and inputting data into ClearPath or other emissions calculations software
  • Completing inventory calculations and analyzing outputs
  • Creating a narrative emissions report
  • Formally reporting emissions data to CDP
  • Analyzing consumption-based emissions
  • Developing a process for continued emissions tracking over time

This is often paired with other climate action monitoring and implementation projects.

Example 1: City of San Leandro’s 2015 Community and Municipal GHG Inventories

Example 2: Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority’s 2015 Inventory Update

Topics: Climate Mitigation,
Subtopics: Climate Action Monitoring / Metrics, Climate Mitigation, GHG Inventorying,

Green Business Certification

Fellow manages the green business certification process for municipal facilities.

This may include:

  • Communicating and coordinating with all stakeholders
  • Performing building work orders and updates
  • Implementing required assessments and other certification procedures
  • Creating a standardized checklist for continued certification post-service year

Example: Santa Barbara County Green Business Certification Overview

Topics: Climate Mitigation, Community Development / Land Use, Energy,
Subtopics: Climate Action Plan Implementation, Energy Efficiency / Zero Net Energy, Green Building, Green Business, Renewable Energy, Water Conservation / Water Use Efficiency,

Green Business Program Support

Fellow supports the rollout or implementation of a city or county green business program.

This may include:

  • Assisting businesses in the certification process
  • Tracking and analyzing data on the success of the green business program and communicating those successes
  • Community outreach and program marketing, particularly for new or hard-to-reach businesses, including developing resources for outreach, event planning, and door-to-door canvassing

Example: City of San Francisco’s Green Business Program

Topics: Climate Mitigation, Community Engagement, Energy,
Subtopics: Climate Action Plan Implementation, Community Outreach / Education, Energy Efficiency / Zero Net Energy, Green Business, Renewable Energy, Water Conservation / Water Use Efficiency,

Green Challenge Platform Rollout

Fellow designs and rolls out an online platform to encourage behavior change and reduce use of natural resources.

This may include:

  • Content creation and website design
  • Significant community education and outreach to mobilize use of the platform, including developing resources for education/outreach and speaking to schools and community groups

Example: Fremont Green Challenge Platform

Topics: Climate Mitigation, Community Engagement, Energy, Transportation, Waste,
Subtopics: Climate Action Plan Implementation, Community Outreach / Education,

Internal Integration of Climate Action and Public Health

Fellow supports integration of climate change and public health considerations into staff-level work and decision-making processes.

This may include:

  • Launching an intradepartmental working group to collaboratively identify goals and an action plan
  • Providing technical assistance for implementation of the action plan created
  • Training staff on the relationship between climate change and public health, and how climate change may impact staff’s work
  • Supporting continued staff engagement
  • Researching and analyzing best practices

Example 1: CDPH CalBRACE Assistance for Local Health Departments

Example 2: LA County Department of Public Health’s Climate and Health Initiative

Topics: Climate Adaptation / Resilience, Public Health,
Subtopics: Climate Action Plan Implementation, Community Outreach / Education, Disaster Response / Emergency Management,

Local Coastal Planning and Vulnerability Assessments

Fellow assists with the implementation of a local coastal program.

This may include:

  • Coordinating and participating in public outreach meetings
  • Gathering and responding to comments on plans and assessments from the community and other stakeholders
  • Compiling examples of local and statewide adaptation strategies
  • Providing recommendations on which strategies are best suited to the specific conditions, development patterns, and resources of the coastal zone

Topics: Climate Adaptation / Resilience, Oceans and Coast, Public Health,
Subtopics: Climate Adaptation Planning, Climate Risk / Vulnerability Assessments, Community Outreach / Education, Disaster Response / Emergency Management,

Local Government Partnership Program Support

Fellow supports a group of cities in meeting the energy efficiency goals of the cities’ investor-owned utility local government partnership program.

This may include:

  • Support on Climate and Energy Action Plans
  • Energy efficiency project implementation
  • Technical support on data measurement, tracking, and benchmarking for agencies measuring energy use and monitoring GHG emissions
  • Community engagement
  • Participation in regional and statewide energy programs
  • Training staff on energy efficiency and climate action tools and best practices

Example 1: City of Chico’s Million Watt Challenge

Example 2: San Luis Obispo County Energy Watch’s Municipal Energy Management Program Implementation

Topics: Climate Mitigation, Energy,
Subtopics: Climate Action Plan Implementation, Climate Action Planning, Energy Efficiency / Zero Net Energy, Greenhouse Gas Inventorying,

Regional Climate Action Plan Framework Development

Fellow creates a framework for Climate Action or Energy Action Plan development at a regional (county or council of government) scale.

This may include:

  • Engaging staff from all participating jurisdictions
  • Researching and recommending GHG reduction strategies
  • Analyzing gaps/needs for emissions reductions
  • Assisting with community outreach/engagement, particularly with community leaders

Topics: Climate Mitigation, Energy,
Subtopics: Climate Action Planning, Community Outreach / Education,

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